Automotive Technology

Saenz, Abelardo 
Abel Saenz
ASE Certified
Transportation Industry Instructor

  Transportation Industry Courses - Automotive Technician
Automotive Technician I
Automotive Technician II
Advanced Automotive Technology III
This program prepares students for entry level automotive technology positions as well as provide hands-on applied physics training for those entering fields of engineering, robotics and other related fields. 

Students are encouraged to complete ASE Student Certification (Automotive Service Excellence- at the completion of the course sequence supported by GHCHS.

The Automotive Technology Program at GHCHS is a well established orientation and training course in fundamental mechanics.  It is an exceptional way to explore and access applied physics with many of the same fundamental concepts taught in both courses.  Students interested in Physics, Robotics and fundamental concepts of "how things work" will benefit from this course.

Automotive Technician I: 

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the design and operation of various automotive systems, such as electrical, computer, brakes, suspensions, cooling, fuel and powertrain.

Emphasis is placed on vehicle maintenance for new or future vehicle owners.

Automotive Technician II and Advanced Automotive Technician III:

The Advanced Automotive Technician II and III courses provide a working, base understanding of automotive fuel, ignition, starting, charging and emission control systems.

These courses focus on the study of automotive engines, and introduce wheel, brake, and suspension systems and service, including instruction on power brakes and power steering systems. Lab work includes repair work on starters, alternators, and troubleshooting components of the electrical system.  Practice with the latest diagnostic equipment is foundational to each course.  Advanced Students are encouraged to access and complete ASE Certification.

This program has established articulation agreements with LA Pierce College and Universal Technical Institute (UTI).