Building Trades and Construction Industry

(This Program is not currently offered)
Building Trades and Construction Industry
Construction Work 1
Construction Work 2 and
Construction Work 3

Students interested in a hands-on approach to engineering and fabrication would benefit from the skills taught in this environment.  Critical thinking and problem solving skill development are well reinforced in this program. 

‚ÄčThe GHCHS Construction Program provides orientation and training to students on a variety of fundamental construction topics as well as intensive training in safety and the use of hand tools and equipment. 

Construction Work I and II

These competency-based courses provide the skills and safety training needed to complete minor structural repair of apartments and residential homes.  

Hands-on training focuses on beginning cabinet making, masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, drywall, finish carpentry, and painting.

Construction Work III—Pre-Apprentice

This course prepares students to meet the  entry-level requirements for apprenticeship trades. Students study the relationship of personal and interpersonal skills development to employability, orientation to  apprenticeship and apprenticeship preparation.  Skills developed in this course include critical thinking and problem solving skills and applied mathematics in the workplace.

Opportunities are provided to students to participate in Habitat for Humanity.