Jennifer DaCosta
Administrative Director, Instruction
BA – Loyola Marymount University (Theatre)
MS – Mount St. Mary's College (Education)
Administrative Services Credential

Zelzah Campus
iGranada Digital Arts & Sciences
Devonshire Campus

iGranada Vision

iGranada provides a small school college-prep experience while addressing 21st century needs within a flexible instructional format. For those who are looking for a small school experience with access to comprehensive high school resources, iGranada offers the non-traditional student an opportunity to tailor the high school experience. Online courses offer the ability to access a student's personalized curricular program from anywhere while resources at the school site blend the "traditional" feel of the high school experience. Attending structured daily workshops which enhance and support the online curriculum will provide students with face-to-face time with certificated content area teachers. Students have access to AP courses, fine arts and even P.E. If there is a need to make up a course, the option to correct a misstep is available as well. Student data will be pulled weekly in order to assess the areas of need in each content area and workshops will be created around the students' needs.

The focus for the small school will center around college-level writing thus weekly workshops will allow students to explore and find their own voice, understand the importance of audience and learn how to research, use rhetoric and continually revise.

In addition to the online curriculum, students will receive a list of recommended reading; plays, poetry,philosophical excerpts, classic literature and contemporary novels which will explore multiple perspectives. Through Socratic Seminars andsmall book clubs, students' thoughts will be heard and formulated.

All students work at a different pace. This is the beauty of iGranada. We can tailor to the pace and needs of each child.

Why choose this flexible instructional program over the traditional model?

You know your child. If the ability to access courses during non-traditional school hours and complete a course before a semester ends is a priority, then this program may suit your needs. If your child needs a specified focus on college-level writing and expanding his/her literature base, then the workshops at iGranada will enhance your child's educational experience. The ability to access the courses one needs in order to receive a high school diploma is essential. Depending on the motivation of your child, the possibility of graduating early is attainable. Not only does your child have access to our nationally recognized Academic Decathlon, award winning band, and a variety of sports teams, he/she will thrive in a small school environment and have more control over academic needs and pacing with access to the desired AP and honors courses as well. iGranada allows the non-traditional student to have constant access to courses and work at an individualized pace while offering the structure and stability of the traditional high school experience.

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NCAA Approval
The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has awarded theiGranada with its highly coveted certification for all GHCHSon-line and web-based courses. With the NCAA certification, all on-lineand web-based courses offered by GHCHS will satisfy the NCAA requirementfor high school athletes wishing to participate in Division I college athletics.