Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

Our Vision is to prepare our students with the 21st Century skills necessary to meet the future demands of a globally competitive workforce and inspire them to be problem-solvers, innovators, and inventors who are self-reliant, able to think logically, and contribute to the advancement of the global community through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

What about the STEM program has had a positive impact on you so far? (February 2013)
  • "It's nice to have classes with a lot of the same people over the years because you've known everyone for a few years now and can talk to them because they have the same interests as you. You can ask each other for advice and help and you're closer to people." – Stephanie Hua (12)

    "I have positive experiences with several; teachers, (especially Ms. Kleinberg), my peers have been hard working and dedicated. The STEM club has been a fun way to learn about upcoming technology that we are going to experience." - Alex Gibson (10)

    "The field trips ate always enjoyable and something to look forward to, but mostly I can see/meet with other students who are interested in STEM. It's always nice to see some of the underclassmen who know what they want to become and are motivated by their passion for science and math." - Samantha Tisher (12)

    "The teachers in STEM have made my high school experience so much better. There is not a single STEM teacher that I don't remember. They have all done a great job at teaching me and my peers throughout these four years. Class is always interesting and fun." - Alejandro Lopez (12)

    "The teachers within STEM have created the largest positive impact on me because they are there to teach and help you both academically and personally. The STEM peer students are very active and accepting, allowing a close knit community." - Razya Sison (10)

    "All of the STEM teachers are really good. The field trip we went on last year motivated me to stay in STEM."- Kevin Chandra (10)

STEM Program Enrichment
Participation in the STEM Program provides students strong social support as they work alongside peers with similar goals and work with teachers who collaborate and engage students in a caring and supportive learning environment. STEM Student enrichment over the past academic year has included a variety of trip opportunities and guest speakers from JPL, Disney, and Rockedyne.

September 2012 STEM students participated in The Viva Technology™ Student Program, designed to empower, educate, and excite the students of the Los Angeles Area. Students from California Academy of Mathematics and Science, Hawthorne Mathematics and Science Academy, and Granada Hills Charter High School were partnered with college students pursuing STEM degrees from California State University, Los Angeles, California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, and University of Southern California. Students experienced a day filled with hands-on competitive and educational exercises designed to explore math and science concepts.

February 2013 junior and senior girls were invited to attend a HerWorld Conference which focused on women in STEM careers. Presentations included representatives from JPL conducting a presentation on the Curiosity Rover, healthcare careers, USC Junior Scientists, and Girls in Tech-Los Angeles. The conference was extremely well received and was open to all young women interested in STEM careers.

  • "Seeing really strong, confident and accomplished women share their experiences and advice was something I greatly enjoyed and wish more people could see regularly. It was a very motivational experience for me." - Samatha Tisher, Grade 12."
STEM guest speakers continue throughout the spring semester. February brought a "Become an Engineer" presentation by Cyrus Ravael, PE, QSD/QSP, Project Manager for Hill International, Inc.

Friday, March 8, Jeremy Ma, a Carnegie Mellon graduate with a degree in "Tangible Interaction Design" (aka Engineering) will be presenting to selected STEM classes and at lunch in J-17.

The STEM club, a student-led group, meets weekly to discuss current issues in the STEM fields and share their learning experiences together. Ethan Sullivan and Lauren Kleinberg gave teacher presentations regarding our own interests in the fields of STEM during a club meeting, and Jake Chipps, Anton Talarico, and Zach Cook will also be lecturing this semester. ALL students interested in STEM careers are welcome to join and participate. Held in Room J17 at lunch.

  • "The actual club and what we share to each other about our interests. I came and learned many new interesting things and wish to learn more." - Huy Dinh (9)

    "The STEM club has had a positive impact on me because I learned so much about the new technology that is being created to enhance our day to day lives and the effect those technologies bring also if they can be harmful or very helpful. The many presentations the members of the STEM club have given will surely help me in the future." - Jomin Kappiarumalayil (9)