Granada Hills Charter High School Robotics Team - The Robodox

Ventura College Competition

Over the weekend, the Granada Hills Robodox went to Ventura College to try their hand for the winning title once again. The team started out stronger than in the previous competition, averaging over one hundred points in the first several matches! The team excelled not only on the field but off it as well, helping dozens of other teams with their own robots. Their expertise in machining, coding, and electronics gave many teams what they needed to complete their robot. The Robodox continued onto the elimination rounds. However, they were unable to proceed past the quarterfinals but did not leave empty handed as they were awarded the Judges Award.

This season of FRC for the Robodox is over but soon they will start their VEX season and do even better than they did this previous year. Go Robodox!

The Robodox brought home the Judges Award for their incredible outreach programs!

We're WoodieApproved!

Thank you to our alliance members 2429 and 1388! It was an honor working with you.

Goodbye to all the Seniors of this team. The team will miss you!