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Granada Hills Charter High School - Attendance Office - GHCHS
Welcome to the Attendance Office! Our office serves a variety of purposes for our campus including enrollment for new students, checkouts for departing students, clearing absences, early leaves, lunch passes for seniors, locker problems and many other things. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 6:45AM – 4:30PM. For enrollments and checkouts, the hours are Monday to Friday 8AM – 12PM.


Student absences have a direct impact on performance and grades. The Attendance Plan was devised to keep students in class and reduce the number of days absent. Students may have as many as 14 absence days per semester, which includes days for illness, non-citation related court dates, or other absences. Students enrolling after the second week of school have their allowable absences pro-rated.

The following is an outline of the Attendance Plan.
  • Students who are absent 15 or more times from a class will receive a grade of Fail and be dropped from the class.
  • Students will be enrolled in an alternate course for elective credits.
  • Tardy lockouts are held every period during the day and students not in their seat when the tardy bell rings will be sent to a study room and receive an unexcused absence.
  • The school will make every effort to notify parents of troublesome attendance patterns; however, it is the student's responsibility to maintain satisfactory attendance.
  • The fifteen day absence policy includes all absences including excused absences for which notes have been submitted and suspensions.
Attendance Appeal: As with all actions taken by the school, provisions have been made for due process through the Attendance Appeals Committee. Students have the right to appeal the Fail within five days of the 15th absence. However, the provisions of the attendance policy will be strictly followed. Appeals may be filed for extenuating and extraordinary circumstances. Some examples are: hospitalization, death of imme-diate family member, car accident, court subpoena. An approved appeal reduces the absence below the 15th absence limit and results in absence credits for approved dates and the student will remain in the class. If the appeal is denied, the student will be removed from class and placed in alternative classes for elective credits as a non-required elective. Appeal forms are available in Room A-5.

When filing your appeal:
  • Supporting documentation must be included and submitted with the appeal.
  • No late documentation will be accepted.
  • All unverified absences and truant marks (if applicable) must be cleared with a note to the attendance office before submitting the appeal.

Right of Attendance: A change of address must be reported to the school in writing within 30 calendar days. Failure to report a change of address, false address, or inaccurate residence information shall be cause for forfeiture of the right to attend GHCHS. The student may be transferred to the School of Residence immediately.

Other rules for attendance include:
Returning from an absence: Students are expected to bring a written excuse signed by the parent to the Attendance Office within one day after returning to school in order to clear his/her absences. Medical absences of five days or more must see the school nurse before being readmitted.
  • Students with verified excused absences may be allowed to submit makeup work for credit.
  • Any unexcused absence is treated as a truancy and students may be assigned up to two hours of detention and/or in-school suspension.
Early leaves: If a student must leave early during the school day, she or he must bring a note signed by a parent before school or nutrition to the Attendance Office on the day of the early leave. On Tuesdays (Professional Development Days) notes must be turned in before school. Notes must include a telephone number where the parent can be reached for verification. Students must pick-up their early leave pass in the Attendance Office at nutrition, lunch or before leaving. If the student fails to submit the early leave request note to the Attendance Office by nutrition, the parent/guardian must come into the office to secure release.
  • Students who leave school without an early leave will be viewed as being truant and con-sequences outlined for truancy may be applied.
  • Reminder: Zero and 7th Period classes are official classes and an early leave must be obtained to be counted as an excused absence.
  • The student must be present for 30 minutes of the class period to receive credit for that period.
  • There are NO early leaves permitted during finals or testing.

Tardy lockouts will be conducted all periods. Tardy students will report to Room A5 and will be detained the entire period. This will result in an unexcused absence in that period/class. Chronic tardiness constitutes defiance. Students who are defiant may face disciplinary action and be required to attend a parent conference at the school.

Tardy Policy
1. Tardy. The following circumstances warrant an unexcused absence/tardy and require that students be sent to the tardy lockout room:
  • A student is not in his/her seat when the tardy bell rings.
  • A student is outside the classroom without a legitimate school pass when the tardy bell rings.
  • A student comes from off campus onto campus and does not make it to class before the tardy bell rings. A parent excuse is not sufficient to excuse the tardy. The student must remain in the tardy lockout room unless he/she has written documentation of a doctor's appointment, dentist appointment, immigration appointment, driver's license appointment, or appearance in court. For a doctor's or dentist's appointment the student must have an appointment card or a note written on the doctor's/dentist's stationery stating the date and time of the appointment. For other appointments, immigration papers, court papers, or paperwork from the DMV must be shown. This paperwork must also indicate the date and time of the appointment.
2. Excused. A tardy will be considered excused if the student obtains a stamped or signed school pass before arriving to class.
  • A student must obtain a stamped or signed school pass from school personnel (authorized school personnel: teacher, administrator, office staff) if the student is detained for school related business only. The pass must indicate the student's name, date, time of departure, location of departure, destination points, and signature.
  • Tardies may be excused through Room A5 – Tardy Lockout Room.
  • Teachers will not admit students into class without a legitimate pass or summons.

Consequences Assigned by the Attendance Dean:

1-2 tardies --  Warning
3rd tardy --  Call or letter sent home
4th tardy --  Warning
5th tardy --  One hour of detention assigned
6th tardy --  1st In-School Suspension, followed by a parent conference
7th tardy --  Warning
8th tardy --  One hour detention assigned
9th tardy --  2nd In-School Suspension, followed by a parent conference

This pattern continues for every set of three tardy marks.

Lunch Passes
Our seniors may apply for a student lunch pass that allows them to leave campus during lunchtime if certain requirements are met. In order to be eligible to apply for a lunch pass students:
  • Must be a senior
  • Cannot have any Fails or "U"s on the previous semester's final report card
  • Must have a "C" average or better in the previous semester
  • Applications may not leave the Attendance Office and must be read and signed by both the student and the parent in the office.
  • There are additional rules that can be found on the lunch application.

Students that have problems with their lockers should come to the Attendance Office to report the problem.

ID Replacements
ID pictures are taken and distributed during the beginning of the school year by White's Studios. (To order those pictures in a package, contact White's Studios directly at 818.752.7780. When the packages have arrived on campus, they will be available for pickup in the Student Store)

To get a replacement ID, students must pick up a replacement form from the Attendance Office. This form must be signed by the parent unless the student has an over-18 release on file. If the form is returned by nutrition, the ID will be ready by lunchtime. If the form is returned after nutrition, the ID will be ready the following day by lunchtime. ID replacements cost $5 for the first request, and $10 for subsequent requests.

The office can be reached at 818.360.2361 ext 331 and is open from 7:30AM to 4:00PM.