Granada Hills Charter High School Activities Office Welcome to the Activities Office! We serve as the primary resource on campus for activities, club information, event and fundraiser requests, the master calendar, bulletin requests, the daily bulletin, and the website. The Activities Office is located in the administration building, directly across from the Counseling Office, and can be reached at 818.360.2361 extension 334.

Granada offers a wide range of activities on campus, including clubs, after school activities through the AHA program, and class-based activities such as band, choir, dance, and drama/theatre.

CLUBS. Clubs are formed anew each year during the club application period. This happens only once, during the early part of fall semester. The application process entails finding a club sponsor, choosing a unique purpose, submitting a constitution, selecting officers, establishing dues, and undergoing interviews with ASB. Clubs not formed during this time must await the application period the following year.

EMS & SCHEDULING. Event, fundraiser and field trip requests for clubs and teams are processed online. Virtual EMS is the online version of the school's master calendar which allows individual users to login and request events. Requests must be well planned and submitted in advance: At least 2 days for meetings, 2 weeks for events, and one month for field trips. All staff and certain students should already have logins in the system. If you need access or instructions, please either stop by or contact the Activities Office.

BULLETINS. A bulletin is prepared daily which lists the happenings and student hype of the day. This bulletin is emailed out to students and staff daily, and to parents weekly. PA announcements of select bulletin items are typically read Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Items in the bulletin are generated from an online bulletin request form, which can be found by clicking on "Quicklinks" on the top-left of this website. Bulletin requests must be submitted by 11AM the day prior to their desired inclusion in the bulletin. Exceptions are made for last minute sport or competition results.

SCHOOL PROPERTY LEASES/PERMITS. For information on school property leases/permits, contact Mike Panman at