Services provided by the Intervention Office:
  • Informing students about the availability of AHA tutoring that supports their specific needs with follow-up for attendance.
  • Collaboration with the AHA staff for tutoring and support – Matching students with peer tutors, etc. when appropriate.
  • Communicating with parents of possible options and support available.
  • Granting select students access to Achieve 3000, a platform aimed at increasing reading comprehension.
  • Identifying study hall or early leave students in need of tutoring to come to the library during 5th or 6th period at least twice a week to meet with the coordinator and access tutoring assistance.
  • Initiating implementation of the Check in Check Out, tier 2 intervention for behavior and “green sheet” academic tracking of progress.
  • Referrals to other support personnel including the counselor recommended GHCHS Intersession Program.
  • Building intervention resources for students and families.

Outside Services:
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