Welcome to the Technology Office! We serve as the primary resource on campus for computing needs, including network logins, email accounts (faculty outlook and student gaggle), computer setups and projector setups. We are located in Room H1 and can be reached at 818.360.2361 extension 370. In addition to over 4,600 student Chromebooks, the main GHCHS campus has six computer labs with over 35 computers each and several mobile labs for programs and applications not available on the Chromebooks. All classrooms are equipped with the necessary instructional technology, including digital projection, audio, and touchscreens. The campus has full 1-gigabit wireless coverage in 100% of classrooms, buildings, and nearly all outdoor areas. Students have access to wireless internet at home through subsidized T-Mobile Hotspots.

Each student is issued a Google Chromebook for use at school and at home. Students and teachers use a wide array of Google Applications, including Google Classroom, Docs, Drive, Gmail, and subject specific applications.

Technology Planning:
This is the first GHCHS school plan addressing the requirements of NCLB and the EETT Title II, Part D criteria. The components of this plan build on the school's prior Digital High School Plan and 2003-2006 Technology Plan. The current GHCHS Technology Committee is an ad hoc sub-committee of the school's Curriculum and Instruction Standing Committee. In its past configuration department tech mentors and other stakeholders have collaborated to research, devise, and implement educational technology implementation strategies. The school continues to support technology integration through providing both personnel and budgetary resources.

Our Education Technology Plan is intended to serve as both a guide for technology related decision making and an instrument to monitor and evaluate progress toward identified goals and objectives. An updated assessment of school technology status, needs, and resources has been completed for each section of our revised tech plan and has guided the development of our new technology goals, objectives and implementation activities. Our goals and objectives were established to meet the identified needs of integrating technology to improve student learning,providing equitable technology access and support, providing secure,timely information flow between home, school, and community, and providing coordinated, ongoing high quality educational technology professional development.