2019 Bezos Scholars Take Action With Community Change Projects

An excerpt from the Bezos Scholars Program blog: Contributed by Melissa Galbraith, Communications Specialist

Civics Delivered on April 16

Sarah Tran and educator Cindy Quintana are working to equip passionate youth with the civic skills and opportunities needed to inform and ideally change policies for the better. To select event topics, they surveyed their large school, Granada Hills Charter High School in California, on which topics youth felt were most pertinent today. Their one-day retreat, Civics Delivered, will bring together young people interested in mental health, climate change, homelessness, immigration and free speech. During the retreat, attendees will hear panel discussions, attend workshops and participate in breakout groups to foster connection and find inspiration with peers. Their overall goal is to foster interest in and knowledge about civic engagement and to connect youth with local opportunities so what is sparked at the retreat can carry on into the community.


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