Four ways to rid yourself of Energy Vampires

During this pandemic season, health and safety are rightly everyone's number one concern. However, with everyone staying at home and the LA summer upon us, keep in mind that conserving energy is also important. Saving energy in your home can help preserve the environment and help you save money.
In this video, we'll take a look at what's known as "Vampire Power," electricity leakage from devices that use power even when they're off. These devices are called "Energy Vampires" and they waste valuable energy.
Knowing about vampire power is a great first step, but what can you do to save money and help out the environment?
Here's a list of 4 things you can do to rid yourself of energy vampires located in your home and help lower your power bill:
  1. Unplug your devices
  2. Use power strips
  3. Put devices to sleep
  4. Look for devices that are Energy Star accredited
The biggest examples of energy vampires are devices that can be turned on and off, usually by remote. These include televisions, desktop computers and monitors, printers, satellite or cable boxes, and video game consoles. These energy vampires leak electricity when they're off because they're in a standby mode, always waiting for a signal to turn on.
Some non-remote devices are also energy vampires. These include digital clocks, cable modems, and microwaves. Less obvious examples include electric toothbrushes, coffee makers, and-once they're fully charged-plugged in devices such as cell phones, laptops, and tablets.
So while we're in quarantine keeping ourselves safe, give vampire power a thought and keep the Earth safe, too.