This level 10 gymnast balances a 4.0 GPA with hours of practice like a job.

Madison Richman


Student spotlights profile current Granada Hills Charter (GHC) students with inspiring personal stories of dedication, perseverance and academic achievement. This showcase offers an opportunity to lift up those who truly stand out, and evoke inspiration through various avenues of interest. 


Meet Madison Richman, current junior and level 10 gymnast. She is an artistic gymnast and holds a state champion title in vault and regional top three finishes in vault, floor and bars. Madison hopes that her success as an athlete opens a window of opportunity to be recruited into a collegiate program in order to further her career. She's also maintaining a 4.0 GPA through GHC’s iGranada program, simultaneously balancing 20+ hours/week of gymnastics practice and time with her family.


Pamela Richman, Madison’s mother, explains that artistic gymnastics “is a combination of the beauty of dance and the extreme strength of high level athletic skills.” She further explains that there are certain gymnasts who are more graceful, while others are more powerful, “If you have a good combination of both, that’s when you know you’ve met the bar.” Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Madison continues to challenge herself and it shows in her success as an athlete and student. “It’s nice to see, as a mom, that something that someone once told her she wouldn’t excel in, something she has worked super hard at, she has been able to overcome,” states Mrs. Richman.


Mrs. Richman also competed as a gymnast, which has provided an avenue for mother and daughter to bond. “It is a booster and gives me more confidence when my family and friends support me. It encourages me to keep on going, even when I don’t want to,” explains Madison, a gymnast since she was 2 years old and competing since the age of 6. She truly believes that athletics has shined its light in her world and has had a huge impact on her life. 


In terms of the academic/athletic work balance, it definitely is a learning curve. It takes a moment to manage your time and prioritize. “If this is what I want to do, I really need to have time management in order to succeed in both,” explains Madison, “but time management is a big component of the iGranada program,” which she says has helped a great deal. “There were a couple of moments of struggle in the transition from middle to high school, but she was able to figure it out,” states Mrs. Richman. “She’s finding her stride in gymnastics and school and I couldn’t be prouder of her. It helps that she’s an exceptionally nice person too,” explains Mrs. Richman.


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