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GHCHS Parent Information

Welcome incoming ninth graders! -- What do ninth grade students take in ninth grade?
GHCHS offers a continuation of programs for students with special needs. Ninth grade student programs are designed to prepare students for the rigor of grades 10-12. All students access a rich academic course of study which includes but is not limited to English, math, biology, world languages, physical education and a local option. The local option varies depending on program of study and student need.

Attention parents of seniors!
In order to meet the minimum GHCHS graduation requirements, it is important that your student pass all of the required courses with a grade of "D" or higher and attend school every day. Students who do not attend regularly, do not complete their work and earn failing grades are at risk of not passing their courses.

You may assist your child by doing the following:
  • Daily monitor your child's attendance and grades in Home Access Center (HAC)
  • Daily check and monitor your child's planner and look for completed homework
  • Go to www.khanacademy.org for free help with math
  • Go to http://www.tutor.com/ghchs for free help with homework
  • Require your child to attend after school tutoring (see the back of this letter for the schedule)
  • Contact your child's teachers
  • Contact your child's counselor

In summary, students who are not eligible to earn a GHCHS diploma, may earn a certificate of completion (IEP only) and will participate in the graduation ceremony with their peers at the end of their 4th year of High School. Students who earn letter grade of "D" may also be at risk for losing their post-secondary acceptance. Go to HAC NOW to check your child's progress.