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Technology Support

Should you need support with your Chromebook or other technology, please contact the Chromebook support center at 818-360-2361 ext. 370 or follow this link: GHC HelpDesk


Some of the tools we will be using include the following:

  • Google Classroom for posting of assignments, sharing resources, and submission of completed assignments
  • Google Meet or Zoom for video conferencing, student discussion groups, and other collaborative work
  • Open Online Access Tools, to access videos, podcasts, and other online resources. These could include TedTalks, Youtube, Khan Academy,, etc.
  • Program-specific resources such as AP Classroom®, the International Baccalaureate shared folder, etc.  

Granada Hills Charter is committed to supporting the completion of course work during this closure. The following are the general components of the online structure:

  • Student participation in online lessons
  • Work submitted electronically via Google Classroom 
  • Teacher feedback and grades will continue to be delivered via Google Classroom and through the Home Access Center (HAC)
  • Regular teacher and student communication via email, Google Classroom Announcements
  • Online discussion boards via Google Classroom

G Suite user guide to accessibility

The G Suite User Guide to Accessibility page is for G Suite users. 


You can use G Suite  for online collaboration, organization, and productivity. These resources can help you get started with G Suite using assistive technology.


To learn about more accessibility features, visit the Google Accessibility website.


Note: Some Google products might give additional guidance in their documentation.


For additional support, review this guide for Google G Suite for Education: G Suite Cheat Sheets and Chromebook Course