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Instructions for weekly perfect attendance detention clearance & link to the form:

During distance learning, students will have the unique opportunity to clear 1 hour of detention for 1 week of perfect attendance.

Students responsibility:

  • Fill out the request for detention credit on the form:
  • Before filling out this form: Check your HAC to verify that the week of attendance you are submitting is clear of absences and tardy marks
  • The Deans’ office will check for conflicting information which will result in “no credit issued”
  • No communication will be sent to the student if the information is not verifiable – no credit will be issued
  • Student may only request detention credit from the detention issuance date onward
  • Prior weeks to the detention issuance date will not apply
Current available options to serve detention:
  • AHA Tutoring (30 minutes of tutoring = 1 hour of detention credit); please click here for more information and to sign up.
  • Participating in
  • Having perfect weekly attendance. Please click here for the form and details.
  • Credit Recovery on Saturdays (for more info, please contact your Counselor directly). 
  • Intersession (for more info, please contact your Counselor directly). 

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Perez in the Dean's Office at