Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Create a community-based high performance model of educational excellence guided by core beliefs, cultural sensitivity, research based instruction, collaboration, and built in accountability, that serves the social and academic needs of a diverse student body reflective of the population of Los Angeles especially the San Fernando Valley.

Vision Statement

Ensure that students acquire seminal knowledge and exercise key habits of mind and essential skills leading to graduation and in preparation for college and the 21st century workforce.


  • Students at Granada Hills Charter will meet or exceed all student achievement growth targets as measured by the state adopted assessment system aligned with the existing California State Standards and the newly adopted Common Core State Standards.
  • Diverse learners will meet or exceed student achievement targets as measured by the Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives.
  • All students will meet the Expected School-wide Learning Results and demonstrate college and career readiness as measured by college entrance and acceptance rates.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Every student who graduates from Granada Hills Charter High School will be:

An effective communicator - able to read, write, speak and listen for a variety of purposes.
An information manager - able to locate, access, organize, evaluate, and apply information for a complex and technological world.
A problem solver - able to apply a variety of thinking, creative, and computing skills to produce solutions to practical and theoretical problems.
A productive member of society - able to demonstrate healthy, responsible behavior, and work collaboratively and respectfully in a diverse global community.

A lifelong learner - able to set educational and career goals, develop a realistic strategy to achieve those goals, and apply content knowledge and critical thinking skills to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.