Pre-Charter Residential Boundary Enrollment

Please verify you live within the pre-charter residential boundary area by entering your address here. If Granada Hills Charter is listed as your assigned school of residence then follow the enrollment instructions below.
Si necesita ayuda en español, envíe un correo electrónico a o llamar 818-360-2361.
Follow the steps below to enroll your student:
  1. Complete the online enrollment form found here (Instructions for completing the form can be found below)
  2. Gather ALL of the required documents listed below and either upload them into the online enrollment form or email them to
    1. Student's Birth Certificate or Passport
    2. Student's Immunization Record
    3. Parent's Driver's License or photo ID with current home address*
    4. If available, the student's most recent report card
    5. Most recent L.A. DWP Bill*
    6. Most recent Southern California Gas Bill*
    7. Contact Sheet (see below or download here.)
    8. A copy of the student's most recent IEP (if applicable)
3.  Once the above is complete, you MUST email with the student's name (last, first) and date of birth (MM/DD/YEAR) in the subject line. Please specify in the email whether you have uploaded the required documents to the online form or are attaching them to the email.
*Both the DWP and the Southern California Gas bill are required and the address and name on the bill must match the parent ID. A change of address for parent ID can be done on the DMV website, if needed, and the change confirmation must be submitted with the photo ID.