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Global Business and Finance (GBF)

GLOBAL BUSINESS AND FINANCE (GBF) is a 10-12th grade business program focused on analytical thinking, decision-making and communication skills that lead to success in college & the 21st Century workplace. Our inspired community supports & encourages teachers and students to take academic risks and embrace new challenges. Visit the pages on the right to learn more!


  • Providing a challenging interdisciplinary curriculum that connects student interest in social studies, English and math to a rigorous business curriculum that has few secondary school rivals - public or private.
  • Program activities that encourage student interaction with working professionals & real world experiences that connect to their classroom curriculum.
  • Making our students financially literate and taking the lead in spreading this critical knowledge to the entire student body.
  • Stimulating academic competitions that prepare students for future success. About half of the GBF students are active competitors on our DECA academic team. Other competitions incorporated into our curriculum include representing Brad Sherman in the Capital Hill Challenge, SIFMA's Investwrite Essay Competition and CSU Fullerton's Economic Olympiad.