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Academic Decathlon


What is Academic Decathlon?

Academic Decathlon, also known as ACADECA, or DECA, is a national competition that tests students’ expertise in seven objective and three subjective areas. Each year, a new theme provides a focus for the study of math, literature, art, music, economics, history, and science. Additionally, students deliver prepared and improvised speeches, appear for an interview, and compose an essay.

The nine member team, comprised of A, B, and C students, works tirelessly to achieve mastery in all ten subjects. Work starts in the summer and increases in intensity throughout the school year. Students build on their strengths and address their weaknesses, whether that means more math practice or overcoming their fear of public speaking. A successful Decathlete epitomizes the idea of a Renaissance scholar. By the end of the season, Decathletes develop the study skills and intellectual stamina that lead to tangible results in both the competition as well as college.  After a year of Decathlon, most former participants find college to be significantly easier.

This kind of hard work means that GHCHS’s Academic Decathlon team annually ranks among the top teams at both the state and national level.

You may also check out the websites below for information on competition dates and curriculum.