Associated Student Body (ASB)

Welcome to the official Student Leadership page! Student Leadership is the student government on the GHC campus and it is our job to serve and represent the student body to the best of our ability. This page will provide updates on what is happening on campus. This page will also include important documents such as forms and applications for Student Leadership hosted events. Please feel free to explore this page for more information on Student Leadership.

“Lead, Plan, Serve, Innovate”
Student Leadership is comprised of different students from all over campus with one main job: to “Lead, Plan, Serve, and Innovate” new ideas to make the school year the best it can be! We dedicate our 4th period class to organizing and planning school events within our separate committees. Student leaders are chosen based on their individual talents and are given the opportunity to develop their skills throughout the year. The diversity in the class allows for a multitude of creative and new ideas in order to produce exciting activities for the student body!

Student Leadership gives students the opportunity to lead the student body in different ways. We celebrate the uniqueness of every individual and each leader is given the chance to develop their own skills through different experiences. Leaders are what shape the student body by coming up with innovative and new ideas. We work towards success by gathering the opinions of the student body. Each class consists of one President, Vice President, with a few delegates to represent their class. Each class hosts their own student council where they have the chance to lead and take in the opinions of their classmates. Each council is responsible for fundraising for their senior year. Besides that, they create apparel for the class, along with on-campus fundraisers and other fun events that their class can enjoy. For more information on our class representatives, please check out the ASB representatives page to the right.

Associated Student Body (ASB) 2019-2020
Each event hosted by Student Leadership requires hours of planning to make sure all of the details are planned out. Each event is led by the students, who work hard with their committees to put together the perfect events for the students. For each event, the student leaders have to communicate with school administrators, event planners, as well as other student groups on campus in order to ensure a successful event. In each committee the co-chairs, overseers, and committee members work together to set deadlines which help the committee stay on track of their work and make sure all details are taken care of.
Associated Student Body (ASB) 2019-2020
As the student leaders on campus, our main priority is to make the students' voices heard on campus. We serve the students by bringing attention to issues on our campus to Administration and providing change whenever possible. Every Student Leadership officer is the student representative for the 5 standing committees: Governing Board, Student Services, Operations, Curriculum and Instruction, and Human Resources. Each committee covers a different aspect of student life and meets once a month with department representatives and staff to discuss that month's agenda. Alongside the officers, every delegate also attends one of the five committee meetings. Students outside of the Student Leadership class have the ability to make proposals during the monthly meetings. A proposal is the formal process to change current student or school policies to better student life. An example from the past is the 7 minute passing period instead of 6 minutes with the extra time coming from nutrition. The students in the class brainstorm proposals and justifications on how they will benefit the lives and education of the student body as well as the campus as a whole and present these proposals at the monthly meetings. This process is essential in best representing and serving the students on campus. For more information on how to submit a proposal to a committee, please contact a student in the Student Leadership class.
Associated Student Body (ASB) 2019-2020
Student Leadership provides an outlet for its leaders to create engaging projects and bring in new creative ideas for school activities. We are constantly proposing new opportunities to enhance the quality of education by involving students outside of the classroom that build school spirit, citizenship, and self-esteem. Through school events such as Spirit week and Homecoming, Student Leadership works very hard to make them successful and we cherish the feedback of our students, staff/faculty, parents, and administrators to improve upon them. Therefore, Student Leadership never repeats the activities and events the same way. Our student leaders add new twists that make all the activities unique and interesting every time.
Associated Student Body (ASB) 2019-2020
Applications are available in Google Classroom: code g46vdex