Model UN

Congratulations to the Model U.N. team for a very successful 2day UCLA MUN conference this weekend. In a field of over 80 schools and 1700 students, Granada Hills Charter won the “Best Small Delegation” award. Every one of the novice committees won an award, as did several of the advanced committees. Awardees were: Betty Thai and Alex Rhee- Outstanding Delegates; Luis Gallardo and Natalie Altounian-Outstanding Delegates; Jonathan Yang and Kyle Friedman-Honorable Mention; Jesse Vasquez and Maximus Kanda-Research Awards and Outstanding Delegates; David Osnas and Anoop Nanda-Research Awards and Honorable Mention; Ashley Avakian and Haneeboy Barliss-Best Delegates; Daniel Guillen and Dalton Wiggins-Outstanding Delegates; Mohib Jafri-Honorable Mention in Crisis Committee; Christopher Koh-Honorable Mention in Crisis Committee.