Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Recognizes GHC DECA

March 30, 2016 - Andrew Nelson shares a perspective on the attributes of the DECA Program and thanks the Board on behalf of the GHC DECA Team:

"Good Morning. On behalf of Granada Hills Charter High School and our DECA chapter, we thank Supervisor Antonovich and the entire Board of Supervisors for their recognition today. I am Andrew Nelson, an advisor for our GHCHS DECA chapter. I would like to introduce my partners in this effort, Tim Turnquist, Judie Baumwirt, and Marilyn Koziateck.

DECA’s mission statement is to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in the fields of marketing, finance, business administration, and hospitality. As an advisor, I see how DECA promotes initiative and innovation in our students. DECA members develop an entrepreneurial awareness that opens their eyes to the possibility of becoming job makers, not just job takers. In short, students envision pathways for controlling their career destinies.

DECA delivers its benefits at a small cost per student, and requires very little initial investment. It offers an opportunity to level the playing field for students who grow up in low- and moderate-income communities. DECA community service campaigns can serve local charities as seen in our chapter having raised $17,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the last two years.

DECA blends well with STEM. I myself was sold on DECA when I observed it was the most popular student activity in the Silicon Valley. At ground zero for STEM fields, every Silicon Valley high school has a DECA chapter, and at most schools DECA membership exceeds any other student activity. The Silicon Valley’s parents see its not just about learning to write code as an isolated skill but rather how these programming tools can craft viable products and services that improve our daily lives.

Our chapter’s success demonstrates how DECA can deliver considerable value to its students in a short period of time and at a relatively low cost to the school. I would encourage members of the Board to learn more about DECA and to examine ways that they can facilitate other schools to start and nurture DECA chapters.

Thank you again to Supervisor Antonovich and the Board for the honor of your recognition today."

College & Career Ready

DECA has a tremendous impact on students' college and career choices. More than 70 percent of DECA members at the 2009 International Career Development Conference indicated that DECA has influenced their future career plans. Likewise, more than 65 percent indicated that DECA has influenced their future college plans.
To be prepared for both college and careers, DECA members are taking advantage of the programs of study in Marketing, Business Administration, Finance, and Hospitality. DECA has worked closely with the National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education's (NASDCTE) Career Clusters Project and MBA Research to assist with the development of National Curriculum Standards and Career Cluster Programs of Study.

Beginning in 2008, DECA undertook a significant multi-year effort to align our competitive events program with these career clusters, enabling teachers to better incorporate DECA into their curriculum and courses. The Comprehensive Competitive Events Framework provides competitive events that:
       •  are appropriate for each instructional level
       •  utilize a variety of methods and models to measure the student's knowledge and skills
       •  teachers can use to improve teaching and learning
       •  may be used to document learning for state reporting purposes
       •  may be used to document advanced credit or other forms of college admissions requirement

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