Speech and Debate

Long Beach Speech & Debate Tournament – 9/21/18-9/22/18
After competing at the Cal State Long Beach Speech & Debate tournament, honors in Open Varsity Debate go to Double Octo-Finalist, Ayush Saha. Honors in Novice Debate go to Octo-Finalist & 3rd Speaker, Ricard Cordero.

Congratulations to our speech team!! Sarah Shapiro semifinaled in OO . Megha Jain got 5th place in Extemp. Diego Borgsdorf got 4th in Info. Elisabeth Dominguez. got 2nd in OA. Sarina Ferendooni got 5th in OA and 2nd in DI!

Loyola Debate Invitational – 9/6/19-9/8/19
After competing at the Loyola Debate Invitational, honors go to Double Octo-Finalist, Ayush Saha.

Dear Speech and Debate Parents & Guardians

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you and your student into the Tri-County Forensic League. Speech and Debate is an excellent activity that has the potential to help your student in every aspect of education. Past graduates testify to the immense benefits of participating in Speech and Debate. Most of these students agree that in high-powered courses like AP History, AP English, and many others, Speech and Debate team members have an edge over other students. Because they are familiar with current issues and have already learned research, organization, note-taking, speaking, and critical thinking skills through Speech and Debate, they tend to have an easier time and get better grades.

The success of Speech and Debate participants upon graduation has been phenomenal. Many former speech and debate students have attended prestigious colleges like Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Brown, Georgetown, USC, UC Berkeley, UCLA, as well as all of the campuses in the UC and Cal State systems. Wherever they go after high school, they all agree on one thing: Speech and Debate helped them to succeed after high school and they're glad they participated.

Not only is Speech and Debate useful for school, it's FUN! Speech gives students the opportunity to meet a wider variety of students from other schools throughout the area and the state. Because Speech and Debate is very much a team activity, your student will be working closely with other students and forming friendships, learning important social and interpersonal communications skills.

Speech and Debate provides many rewards, but it can also be a serious commitment of time and energy. Parents may find demands placed on their time for transportation, judging, and perhaps, chaperoning. There are associated costs as well: team dues, tournament entry fees, professional wardrobe, travel expenses, etc. We won't fool you and tell you that it's a piece of cake. However, the benefits of participation are invaluable and we are glad to have your student as a part of our league.

You can access important league news and check upcoming tournament dates anytime on the Tri-County Forensic League Website: http://trivalleysite.yolasite.com

Welcome Aboard!

Please contact Coach Jerome Robinson at jrobinson@ghctk12.com if you have any questions.

DEBATE TRYOUT Informative Meeting on Thursday, May 14 at 3:30 p.m.
DEBATE TRYOUTS on Thursday, May 14 and Friday, May 15 at 3:30 p.m.
MUST send Mr. Robinson an email at jrobinson@ghctk12.com