Speech and Debate

TCFL Fall Open IE – Granada Hills Charter HS 12/16/17
Grethel Murralles: Excellence
Katie Ryu: Superior

Julia Kirkpatrick: 2nd

Diego Borgsdorf: 2nd
Sarah Tran: 1st

Monika Cebreros: Excellence
Andrew Orellana: Superior

Sahar Dabirian: Excellence

Tim Meyer: Excellence

Sarah Tran: Excellence
Sahar Dabarian: Excellence

Julia Kirkpatrick: Superior

Sweepstakes: 2nd in Original

Monroe Invitational “I Have a Dream” – 1/12/18-1/13/18
Speech Winners:
Julia Kirkpatrick: 4th

Saori Tejada and Marcella Hernandez: 5th

Sarah Tran: 7th
Diego Borgsdorf: 5th

Julia Kirkpatrick: 6th

Cassidy Dalva: 5th
Diego Borgsdorf: 4th

In Debate, congrats to our undefeated winner Sahar Dabririan. Our certificate winners were Shane Smith, Jiseon Choi, Elizabeth Claypool, Ayush Saha, Suzy Andriasian, Kenneth Lam, & Jasmeet Kaur.

TCFL Spring Open Debate – Taft HS 1/20/18
After competing at the TCFL Spring Open Debate held at Taft HS, congrats go to our four undefeated winners: Elizabeth Claypool, Ruth Okonkwo, Timothy Meyer, & Tuan Phan. Our Superior winners; Sonia Hamid, Ayush Saha, Suzy Andriasian, Shane Smith, Sahar Dabririan, & Jiseon Choi.

CHSSA State Tournament – Arcadia HS 4/28/17 - 4/30/17

Congratulations to the Speech & Debate team on their incredible success at State! Congratulations to Gurbir Singh and Ruth Okonkwo for placing in the top 15 for Thematic Interpretation, to Vikaas Chauhan & Ruth Okonkwo for advancing to Octofinals in Lincoln Douglas Debate. And a HUGE congratulations to Nikhil Chakravarty, our 2017 State Champion in Original Advocacy!

Schurr HS Invitational - 4/8/17
After competing at Schurr HS Speech Invitational, congrats to Andrew Orellana for placing 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation out of 66 entries.
NSDA Qualifier – Crescenta Valley HS – 3/25/17-3/26/17
After competing at the NSDA Qualifier held at Crescenta Valley HS, congrats goes to our two National qualifiers – Luis Gallardo (2nd Informative), and Ruth Okonkwo (3rd POI). Also to our 1st Alternate Andrew Orellana (4th DI).
TCFL Speech Qualifier – Cleveland HS 3/10/17 -3/11/17
After competing at the TCFL Speech State Qualifier held at Cleveland HS, congrats to our 8 qualifiers – Nikhil Chakravarty (2nd OA), Luis Gallardo (3rd Expos – yielding), Gurbir Singh (3rd TI), Julia Kirkpatrick (4th DI), Sophie Abad (4th HI), Ruth Okonkwo (4th TI), Cory Cunanan & Karen Lee (5th Duo), Luis Gallardo (6th HI), Nikhil Chakravarty (6th OO – yielding), Grethel Muralles (7th OPP), Gurbir Singh (8th OA – yielding). Also, congrats to our Finalist – Gurbir Singh & Luis Gallardo (6th Duo), and Timothy Meyer (7th IX). Finally, congrats to our Semi-Finalist – Cory Cunanan (Imp), Diego Borgsdorf (OO), Chris Gutierrez (HI), Doron Barasch (IX), Andrew Orellana (DI), and Camille Green (DI).
TCFL Debate Qualifier – Oaks Christian 2/24/17-2/25/17
After competing at the TCFL Debate State Qualifiers held at Oaks Christian HS, congrats go to our Lincoln-Douglas State qualifiers Vikas Chauhan & Ruth Okonkwo, and our Public Forum State qualifiers Ruby Lee & Evelyn Jauregui.
Harvard Invitational – 2/18/17 – 2/20/17
After competing at the Harvard Invitational, the largest tournament in the country, congrats to Andrew Orellana for becoming an Octo-Finalist in Dramatic Interpretation.
Cal Lutheran Invitational – 2/18/17-2/19/17
After competing at the Cal Lutheran Invitational, congrats in Open LD debate to Semi-Finalist, Manpreet Parmar and to our close out winners in the Novice Division, Jesse Vasquez & Kenneth Lam.
Stanford Invitational – 2/11/17-2/13/17
After competing at the Stanford Invitational, the 3rd largest tournament in the country, Congrats speech in JV goes to Diego Borgsdorf for placing 5th in International Extemporaneous Speaking, Dramatic Interpretation Semi-Finalist, Jason Repollo, Oratorical Interpretation Semi-Finalist, Catherine Ramos, & Original Oratory Quarter-Finalist, Allen Ryoo. In JV debate, congrats to Ruth Okonkwo for being a Quarter-Finalist in LD debate making her top 8 out of 220 entries, Octo-Finalist, Tara Foroughi, Dbl Octo-Finalists, Jesse Vasquez, & Elizabeth Claypool, Triple Octo-Finalists, Gigi Mchhyan, Salwa Hossain, & Sonia Hamid. Finally, congrats to our top speakers Tara Foroughi & Aishwarya Mehta
TCFL Spring Open IE – West Ranch HS 2/4/17
After competing at the TCFL Spring Open IE Tournament held at West Ranch HS, congrats goes to Julia Kirkpatrick for placing 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation, Luis Gallardo for placing 3rd in Humorous Interpretation, and Diego Borgsdorf for placing 4th in Extemporaneous Speaking, and entire team for winning the Interpretation Sweepstakes. Superior winners were Camille Green, Gurbir Singh, Luis Gallardo, & Nikhil Chakravarty. Excellent winners were Karen Lee, Cory Cunanan, Timothy Meyer, Christopher Gutierrez, Betty Thai, & Gurbir Singh.
TCFL Spring Congress – Saugus HS 1/28/17 After competing in the TCFL Spring Congress tournament held at Saugus HS, congrats to our winning Presiding Officer Doron Barasch, Outstanding Speaker Salwa Hossain, and Superior Speaker Aishwarya Mehta.
TCFL Spring Open Debate – Burbank HS 1/21/17 After competing at the TCFL Spring Open Debate, congrats to our undefeated Public Forum team Ruby Lee & Evelyn Jauregui, and undefeated LD debaters Vikas Chauhan & Yash Khandelwal. Superior Certificate winners were Gigi Mkchyan, Ruth Okonkwo, Arali Senevirathe, Manpreet Parmar, Arshiya Dhiman, Jesse Vasquez, & Salwa Hossain
Monroe Invitational – 1/13/17-1/14/17
After competing at the Monroe Invitational, congrats in LD debate goes to our undefeated top speaker Gigi Mkchyan, and undefeated Yash Khandelwah. Superior winners were Masih Tazhibi, Manpreet Parmar, Elizabeth Claypool, Tara Foroughi, Luis Gallardo, Sonia Hamid, Jesse Vasquez, Ruby Lee, Evelyn Jauregui, Cory Cunanan, & Mohib Jafri. In speech, congrats to Ruth Okonkwo for placing 3rd in Thematic Interpretation and Gurbir Singh & Luis Gallardo for placing 6th Duo Interpretation
TCFL Fall Open IE – Granada Hills Charter 12/17/16
After competing at the TCFL Fall Open IE tournament held at Granada over winter break, congrats to Andrew Orellano for placing 1st in Dramatic Interpretations & Camille Green for placing 2nd. Also, congrats to Gurbir Singh & Luis Gallardo for placing 2nd in Duo Interpretation. Superior winners were Dalton Wiggins, Cory Cunanan, & Joshua Lloyd. Excellent winners were Julia Kirkpatrick & Cory Cunanan.
La Costa Canyon HS Invitational – 12/9/16-12/10/16
After competing at the La Costa Canyon HS Invitational, congrats to Andrew Orellana for placing 1st in Dramatic Interpretation & Semi-Finalist, Gurbir Singh, in Thematic Interpretation. In debate, congrats to Semi-Finalist, Ruth Okonkwo –also 7th speaker- in Lincoln-Douglas.
TCFL Fall Open Debate – Canyon HS 10/19/16 After competing at the TCFL Fall Open Debate held at Canyon HS, congrats to our undefeated in Public Forum, Ruby Lee & Evelyn Juaregui, and in Lincoln-Douglas, Manpreet Parmar, Gurbir Singh, Vikas Chauhan, Ruth Okonkwo, Luis Gallardo, & Angela Rosario. Our Superior winners were Elizabeth Claypool, Salwa Hossain, Jeremy David, Kenneth Lam, James Kim, Sonia Hamid & Jesse Vasquez.
TCFL Novice Speech Tournament – Taft HS 10/29/16 Congratulations to the speech team on their successful performance at the TCFL Novice tournament this past weekend, taking 3rd place overall. First place in Dramatic Interpretation Camille Green and Extemporaneous speaking Timothy Meyers; Third place in Original Prose and Poetry Grethel Muralles; Third place in Dramatic Interpretation Dalton Wiggins; and honorable mentions in both Dramatic interpretation and Original Oratory.
TCFL Novice Debate – Oaks Christian 10/22/16 After competing at the TCFL Oaks Christian Novice Debate tournament, congrats to our undefeated winners, Jiseon Choi, Masih Tazhibi, Jeremy David, Gigi Mkchyan, Betty Thai, and Arshiya Dhiman. Also, to our Superior winners Jesse Vasquez, Ruth Okonkwo, James Kim, and Kathy Ceron.
Cal State Fullerton Speech & Debate Tournament – 10/14/16-10/16/16 The Speech & Debate team did exceptionally well at the Cal State Fullerton Speech & Debate Tournament. In Speech, a special congratulations to Dalton Wiggins receiving 2nd place in Novice Dramatic Interpretation, Gurbir Singh and Luis Gallardo receiving 2nd place in Varsity Duo Interpretation, Ruth Okonkwo receiving 3rd place in Varsity Thematic Interpretation, and Cory Cunanan- semi-finalist in Varsity Impromptu speaking.

In Debate, we picked up 18 trophies with congrats in Open LD to Semi-Finalist, Vickas Chauhan, Quarter-Finalist, Luis Gallardo, and Octo-Finalist, Elizabeth Claypool, Manpreet Parmar, Arali Seneviratne, and Gurbir Singh. In Open Parli, congrats to Quarter-Finalist, Mohib Jafri/5th Speaker, & partner Cory Cunanan/7th Speaker. In Novice LD, congrats to our Close Out Champions, Masih Tazhibi & Ruth Okonkwo, Semi-Finalist, Jeremy David, Quarter-Finalist, Gigi Mkchyan, and Octo-Finalist, Betty Thai & Sonia Hamid. Finally, congrats in Novice PoFo to Octa-Finalist, Sina Azizi & partner Brian Zamora.
TCFL Congress – Hart HS 10/8/16 After competing at the TCFL Congress Tournament held at Hart HS, congrats in JV goes to Superior Speaker, Tara Foroughi. In Novice congrats to Judges’ Top Speaker, Elizabeth Claypool, Judges’ Best Speaker, Masih Tazhibi, Superior Speakers, Salwa Hossain & James Kim, and Excellent Speaker Andrew Orellana.
Long Beach Speech & Debate Tournament – 9/24/16-9/25/16
After competing at the Cal State Long Beach Speech & Debate tournament, congratulation in Speech goes to Andrew Orellana for advancing to the Semi-Finals in Open Dramatic Interpretation. In Debate, Congrats in JV Lincoln-Douglas go to Octo-Finalist Luis Gallardo and 7th Speaker Salwa Hossain. In Novice LD, congrats to our winner Arshiya Dhiman, our 2 Semi-Finalists, Ruth Okonkwo/3rd Speaker & Jeremy David, our Quarter-Finalist, Masih Tazhibi, our Octo-Finalists, Gigi Mkchyan & Sonia Hamid, and our 7th Speaker Betty Thai.
Dear Speech and Debate Parents & Guardians

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you and your student into the Tri-County Forensic League. Speech and Debate is an excellent activity that has the potential to help your student in every aspect of education. Past graduates testify to the immense benefits of participating in Speech and Debate. Most of these students agree that in high-powered courses like AP History, AP English, and many others, Speech and Debate team members have an edge over other students. Because they are familiar with current issues and have already learned research, organization, note-taking, speaking, and critical thinking skills through Speech and Debate, they tend to have an easier time and get better grades.

The success of Speech and Debate participants upon graduation has been phenomenal. Many former speech and debate students have attended prestigious colleges like Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Brown, Georgetown, USC, UC Berkeley, UCLA, as well as all of the campuses in the UC and Cal State systems. Wherever they go after high school, they all agree on one thing: Speech and Debate helped them to succeed after high school and they're glad they participated.

Not only is Speech and Debate useful for school, it's FUN! Speech gives students the opportunity to meet a wider variety of students from other schools throughout the area and the state. Because Speech and Debate is very much a team activity, your student will be working closely with other students and forming friendships, learning important social and interpersonal communications skills.

Speech and Debate provides many rewards, but it can also be a serious commitment of time and energy. Parents may find demands placed on their time for transportation, judging, and perhaps, chaperoning. There are associated costs as well: team dues, tournament entry fees, professional wardrobe, travel expenses, etc. We won't fool you and tell you that it's a piece of cake. However, the benefits of participation are invaluable and we are glad to have your student as a part of our league.

You can access important league news and check upcoming tournament dates anytime on the Tri-County Forensic League Website: http://trivalleysite.yolasite.com

Welcome Aboard!


Please contact Coach Jerome Robinson at jrobinson@ghchs.com if you have any questions.