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Eligibility Clearance

Academic Requirements
  • A minimum of a 2.00 GPA is required:
    • Upon making the team (grading period immediately preceding the start of the season is verified),
    • At the twelve-week report card, and
    • On the final semester report card.
  • Student Athletes must attend classes on the day of athletic contests.
 Annual Medical/Health Physical
  • All student-athletes must have an annual physical exam completed by authorized medical personnel.
  • Only the GHC approved physical form can be used for clearance.
  • All questions on the form must be answered, and doctors must stamp, date and sign the forms.
  • Tryout eligibility requires the completion of a physical exam BEFORE the first tryout date. Please see the tryouts webpage for more information.
Proof of Medical Insurance
  • All student-athletes must have valid medical insurance to participate.
  • A copy of the student's medical insurance card must be included in the submission of the eligibility packet.
  • You can request a letter of eligibility from your insurance carrier if they do not provide cards for dependents.
  • If you do not have insurance coverage, please contact the Athletic Director, Cristina Garcia, at
Athletic Eligibility Packet Forms
Please note that only students who have made the final roster of each team are required to complete an eligibility packet for full participation clearance. ALL ITEMS MUST BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY.
  1. CIF Athlete Eligibility Info Sheet
  2. GHC Media Release Form
  3. GHC Emergency Card
  4. GHC 3Rs Form
  5. GHC Concussion Sheet
  6. GHC Prescription Opioids
  7. GHC Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form
  8. Copy of Health/Medical Insurance Card
  9. GHC Sport Physical Form
Items 1-8 must be emailed to All items must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the first allowable practice date. Students without clearance will remain ineligible to participate.
Physical forms must be emailed to the Health Office ( You do not have to submit a copy of an already cleared physical form with the eligibility packet forms; simply state in your email submission that a valid physical is already on file with the Health Office/Nurse. If a physical has expired or is up for renewal, please schedule an appointment with your physician and resubmit the physical form to the health physical's email address.