Counseling Office

AP & IB Exploration Night
Thursday, February 7, 2019
6:30 p.m. - 8:10 p.m.
in the Large Gym
** AP Packets will be available at AP & IB Exploration Night **

 AP Packets will become available online February 21, 2019. AP Packets must be completed and turned in to your counselor no later than March 21, 2019.

The Granada Hills Charter High School counseling department was recognized for its excellence at the last Western Association of Schools and College (WASC) accreditation. We take pride in offering a comprehensive program that emphasizes academic, career and personal development.

The Counseling Office is open from 7:15 am to 4:30 pm. Our counselors meet with students at various times during the school year to review progress towards graduation and post-secondary goals. Each counselor has an alphabetical group of students to monitor and support. Please check with your child's counselor for his or her specific office hours. Counselors are generally available during nutrition, lunch, and after school to address the immediate needs of our students. Counselors are also available on Wednesday evenings until 6:30 pm on a rotating basis.

Email your counselor if you have any questions regarding Concurrent Enrollment Forms, Credit Recovery, Program Changes, or any other issues. A list of the counselors and their email addresses can be found in the Faculty & Staff Directory.

If this is a mental emergency during school hours, please visit the Health Office, or contact the following:

Meet the new STEM counselor!

My name is Tiffanie Fung and I’m excited to join GHCHS this year as the STEM counselor! I grew up in Southern California and love everything that Los Angeles has to offer. I went to the University of California, Irvine for my undergrad where I studied psychology and business and went on to obtain my Masters in Educational Counseling at Azusa Pacific University.

I enjoy working with a wide range of students with diverse and unique interests. I started my career at Fairmont Preparatory Academy as an academic counselor, and then transitioned into becoming the International Programs Counselor. Previously, I also worked at Rowland High School, training students for their future careers. This will be my seventh year as a counselor and I absolutely love what I do. I’m also fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and I understand Vietnamese. It is my goal one day to also learn Spanish. I am very excited for this opportunity to meet everyone and begin this new chapter at GHCHS! Please feel free to email me or set up an appointment to meet in person!

Tiffanie Fung
(818) 360-2361 ext. 388

Academic Program:
Granada Guaranteed Curriculum (GGC)
Student Last Names: A-Cha
Mr. Kevin Sweeney

Academic Program:
Granada Guaranteed Curriculum (GGC)
Student Last Names: Che-Gor
Mrs. Mea Tahi

Academic Program: Granada Guaranteed Curriculum (GGC), Student Last Names: Gos-Kz and Foster Youth
Mr. Seth Hankison

Academic Program:
Granada Guaranteed Curriculum (GGC)
Student Last Names: L-Ng
Mrs. Lynda Llamas

Academic Program:
Granada Guaranteed Curriculum (GGC)
Student Last Names: Ni-Sanchez
Mrs. Jenny Noble

Academic Program:
Granada Guaranteed Curriculum (GGC)
Student Last Names: Sand-Z
Mrs. Kendra Chalker

Academic Program:
Global Human Initiative (GHI), IB 9/10
Student Last Names: A-Z
Mr. Christopher Gimber

Academic Program: Humanitas (HU); Global Business & Finance, (GBF); ESL, Student Last Names: A-Z
Mrs. Wendy Woodburn

Academic Program:
Student Last Names: A-Z
Ms. Terri Morton

Academic Program:
Ms. Tiffanie Fung