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GPA & Class Rank

Grade Point Average Calculations, Class Rank & More
Awarding Class Credit
Class credit is awarded for classes approved by the GHCHS Governing Board. Earning five instructional credits normally requires five 40 to 60 minute periods of class time per week for one semester. Credits are based on the Carnegie Unit. One Carnegie Unit represents one full-year class and is equivalent to 10 semester credits. One-half Carnegie Unit represents one semester's work in a subject and is equivalent to 5 semester units. Credit is not awarded for classes in which a student earns a fail, No Mark, Incomplete or ATF (Fail due to attendance policy). Credit is not awarded for classes repeated to raise a grade unless the grade previously earned was a fail, No Mark, Incomplete or ATF. Partial credit is not granted for GHCHS classes. The grading scales are as follows:
A 90.00
B 80.00
C 70.00
D 60.00
F 0.00
PR Progress
5 week only-Not calculated in GPA
NP No Progress
5 week only-Not calculated in GPA
NM No Mark
Not calculated in GPA
INC Incomplete
ATF Fail due to Attendance

Granada Hills Charter Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation: The Granada Hills Charter High School Grade Point Average (GPA) System reports two different types on GPA's: Cumulative GPA and the Honor Roll/Eligibility GPA.  Both GPA's are calculated by assigning each letter grade a number value, (A=4,  B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0, INC=0, ATF=0). The total sum of grade points is then divided by the number of classes taken. Some teachers use (+ or -) in the reporting of grades, however it is not calculated into the GPA. Repeat classes are averaged in all GPA's except for the UC/CSU GPA (see below).


Cumulative GPA: This GPA is weighted and used to determine our valedictorians, gold and silver bearers for graduation.  The grade weighting policy assigns different grade points for classes labeled as "Honors" or "Advanced Placement." Honors classes receive an extra .5 grade point and Advanced Placement (AP) classes receive 1 extra point. Weighted grade points are assigned to letter grades of A, B or C only. This practice results in what is known as a "weighted" GPA. The Cumulative GPA is a cumulative/overall GPA.  All classes during the student's high school career, starting in the ninth grade, with the exception of PE classes are included.  Marching Band, Dance, and any sports team classes, which are considered as PE classes, are not included in the class ranking GPA. College classes are not weighted unless otherwise designated in the GHCHS College Course Policy.  The Class Ranking Cumulative GPA is displayed on the student's transcript. This is different from the semester or quarterly GPA that is  printed on report cards and only includes grades from the most recent grade-reporting period. Please note the calculation for valedictorians, gold and silver bearers for graduation includes work through the fall semester of the senior year. An example of this GPA calculation is as follows:

Performance Un-Weighted Grade Points Weighted Honors Grade Points Weighted AP  Grade Points
A Excellent 4 4.5 5
B Above Average 3 3.5 4
C Average 2 2.5 3
D Below Average 1 1 1
F Failing 0 0


Sample Cumulative GPA calculation:

Classes Grade Weighted Grade Points
*English 10 Honors A 4.5
*Biology Honors B 3.5
European History AP C 3
Geometry B 3
Spanish II A 4
**Physical Education II B N/A
Total Grade Points   18
Total Grade Points divided by 5 classes = GPA   18/5=3.60
Semester Honor Roll and Eligibility GPA (every 10 week): This GPA is un-weighted and is used for determining sports eligibility and the honor roll. All classes including PE are included in the GPA. There is no weight for Honors (H) and Advanced Placement (AP) in determining this GPA. This GPA is recalculated every semester. College Classes are not included in this GPA. An example of this GPA calculation is as follows:
Grades Performance Un-Weighted Grade Points
A Excellent 4
B Above Average 3
C Average 2
D Below Average 1
F Failing 0


Report Card GPA: This GPA only includes grades from the most recent grade-reporting period and is not weighted or cumulative.

What Grade Point Average Do Colleges Consider For College Admissions?
There are various grade point averages (GPA) that are used for college related matters. The Granada Hills Charter High School's Cumulative GPA is used on college and applications that require a GPA and is used mostly by private and out of state institutions.

The UC's and CSU's require an entirely different GPA, which is as follows:
The GPA for UC & CSU eligibility is the average of grades earned in the required "a-g" subjects completed in grades 10-11. Extra points are awarded for up to 8 semesters of UC-certified honors coursework. In the selection process however, individual UC campuses may use a variety of other GPA's - some capped at 4.0, some uncapped, some with a limit on the number of extra points allowed for UC-certified honors, and some with no limit on honors points.

UC & CSU Honors Policy: The policy of the UC and CSU is that ninth and tenth grade level high school courses that high schools might designate as 'honors' will not meet their honors definition, and therefore will not be granted honors credit by them. The UC & CSU systems award honors points for a maximum of eight semesters of approved Honors/AP courses when calculating their eligibility GPA. These points are granted for courses taken in 11th and 12th grades, including up to two UC-approved Honors/AP courses completed in the 10th grade. As a result, 9th and 10th grade Honors courses taken by GHCHS students do not receive honors points in the UC/CSU formula.  However, they do grant extra points for some Advanced Placement courses when taken in the 10th grade.

The "A-G" Subject List:
The "A-G" Subject List: To view the list of UC/CSU approved courses for GHCHS please visit the following link:

Granada does not provide an individual GPA rank to colleges and universities. Many private/independent universities and scholarships want to know how a student has performed within the context of their school.  At a high performing school such as Granada Hills Charter High School, it is a challenge to adequately give recognition to so many outstanding students. Accordingly, whenever a class rank is requested, we simply respond, "Granada Hills Charter High School does not rank."

Cal-Grant GPA
The high school Cal-Grant GPA is calculated on a 4.00 scale to two decimal places (between 0.00 and 4.00) and does NOT use a weighted scale. GPAs calculated beyond a 4.00 scale will not be accepted. The GPA is calculated using all academic course work for the sophomore year, the summer following the sophomore year, the junior year, and the summer following the junior year.  The high school GPA excludes physical education (PE), Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), and remedial courses. Remedial work is defined as any course that is not counted toward high school graduation. Failing grades must be included in the GPA calculation unless the course has been retaken. For more information about Cal-Grants, go to