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Student Store

Welcome to the Student Store at Granada.

Please see sample pricing of in-store items below.

Location:  Building E
Open:       Monday – Friday
Hours:      7:45 a.m. – 8:25 a.m., Nutrition, Lunch, 3:20 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The student store provides a variety of services. Some of these include: club fundraising, fine payments, ASB student activity card, tickets (sporting events, dances, performances), clothing, food, drinks, parking permits, school supplies, and yearbooks. The store now uses a computerized payment system for snacks and drinks. Each student has one account that can also be used in the cafeteria.

Some prices are included below:

ASB Student Activity Card – $45.00 (does not include play-off or championship games)
Admits students to Football games (league home and some away), Basketball games (Girls and Boys- home only), Baseball games (home only).
Football Tickets
Students, Seniors and Children 4 years and older $5.00
Adults  $10.00
Children 3 and under Free
Basketball Tickets
Adults/Students  TBA
Children under 12  TBA
Food – $.50 - $2.25
Healthy Snacks, Frozen Juice Bars
Drinks – $1.25 - $2.50
Ice, Bai5, Snapple, Juice, Naked Juice, Water
Clothing – Spirit Wear
T-shirts  $15
Polo shirts  $35-$40
V-neck shirts  $22
Sweatshirts (crew neck, hooded, zipper)  $30 - $42
Sweatpants  $25
Jackets  $85 - $120
Beanies, hats & visors  $15 - $35
Scarves  $15
Lanyards  $5
Clothing – Gym
Shirts  $13 - $15
Shorts  $17 - $19
Sweatshirts  $30 - $40
Parking Permits
$50.00 per semester by lottery drawing
Permit form must be completed with a parent signature to be eligible
$100.00 from July 1 – August 14
$110.00 from August 15 – December 20
$120.00 from December 21 while supplies last
-Students that do not purchase a yearbook before December 23 are NOT guaranteed a book.
All prices/dates subject to change.
2020 GRAD CAP and GOWN for SALE!
Seniors!  Would you like to own your Cap and Gown?  Don't worry, there is still time.  Just click on this link Make sure to print and present your receipt upon diploma pick-up.