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Home Access Center Help

Granada Hills Charter High School is pleased to offer students, parents and guardians access to student schedules, attendance, assigned class work, grades, and more through a web-based application called the Home Access Center.
  • The system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except during routine maintenance periods.
  • Password-secured information can be accessed from home, work, or any computer equipped with internet access.
  • E-mail links are available throughout the center so parents can communicate easily with teachers and school officials.

If you need help with your HAC username/password or have any other questions with HAC, please contact the Counseling Office at 818.360.2361 or email

Confidential username and password information is identical to the login information for student email accounts. If you do not have a student email account,please contact the technology office in H1 or at the 818.360.2361 ext 370.

E-mail notifications will be sent to parents and students if the notification boxes are checked. E-mail notifications are sent as follows:
Attendance: E-mails are sent for ALL attendance/tardies marked regardless of types;Login to HAC to view the attendance for one day or all days in the attendance summary tab.
Class work/Scores: E-mails are sent for ALL published assignments and scores regardless of grade or type; please note that teachers must publish assignments to be viewed on HAC. Login to HAC to view class work and scores; select all runs.
Discipline: The discipline conversion has not been completed and therefore is not available for view in HAC at this time. To e-mail a teacher, go to the daily summary tab and click the teacher's name. It will automatically link to the teacher's e-mail.
Please ensure that your username and password are kept confidential. Were commend that you change your password several times per year. If, at any time, a user believes that his/her password has been compromised, it is the responsibility of that user to change the password. This can be accomplished online from the Home Access Center. To change your password, click on the "My Profile" link in the upper right hand corner.Note: to access this area, you must have the pop-up blocker feature on your computer disabled if you are using one.

Please note that assignments will be graded and recorded in a reasonable amount of time. Major projects and papers require a longer timeline for grading. Questions about grades should be directed to the individual teacher, available through email links on the site. Final grades are determined by teachers using both objective and subjective criteria.Grades shown in Home Access Center may not reflect your child's final grade until all scores are verified and posted by the school. Report Cards will appear online approximately one week after the end of the marking period.

Using the Home Access Center information is not a replacement for checking your student's planner and/or talking with your child about assignments and grades. If you feel your child may be having difficulty in school,please contact his/her teacher or counselor to discuss proactive strategies so that we can ensure all our students have the tools and support they need to be successful.
* Passwords are case-sensitive.