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How Can I Help my Student Succeed?

  • Encourage your child to read for pleasure.
  • Help your student keep organized by using the school planner provided to each student. There are also many available new apps and systems that help students remain organized and on task such as Google Keep.
  • Encourage your student to check Google Classroom for their assignments and to stay up to date.
  • Enroll and regularly check the Home Access Center and/or download the free eSchoolPLUS Family App for your wireless device to review your student’s performance. Need more information? Call the Counseling Office (818) 260-2361 Ext. 306.
  • Contact and meet with your student’s teachers(s) with academic concerns or questions. Class/Teacher inks are provided in the Home Access Center or by Department on the school webpage. Just click on the name to send an email.
  • Contact and meet with your student’s counselor. Counselor contacts are also located in Home Access Center or on the Counseling Department webpage. Counselors also offer workshops for students in study skills and socio-emotional support.
  • Encourage your child to attending tutoring. Many teachers offer tutoring after school as well as organized content-based tutoring offered through our AHA Office.
  • Contact the After Hours Activities (AHA) Office at or check the AHA webpage for the current tutoring and enrichment class schedules. Note: Many of the tutoring opportunities provided do provide credit toward detentions. The AHA Office can also assist with special tutoring arrangements in collaboration with the Intervention Coordinator. AHA also offers a variety of courses and workshops that assist students with socio-emotional support.