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Math and Writing Centers

Upcoming Workshops
  1. Dilations and Similarity - 3/16/21
  2. Quadratic Functions - 4/15/21
  3. Systems and Solving - 5/6/21
For additional information email Ms. Fram at
Math Center’s Online Lab
Receive tutoring help from GHCʼs Academic Mentors in Google Meets. One-on-one support will be provided from other GHC students. Join today to improve your Math skills by using the Google Classroom code: 34t6yxa
Writing Center‘s Online Lab
Receive one-on-one feedback and valuable support on your English assignments from our Academic Mentors at the online Writing Lab. Join today to improve your English skills by using the following Google Classroom code: kfyn3sa
Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Receive personalized, asynchronous support from our Academic Mentors on your essays. Mentors will respond within three days of your submissions. Join today to improve your writing skills and get valuable feedback from your peers by using the Google Classroom code: d3bkwai